Singing in the bathtub? Great for kids!

Bath time is fun for many children. They love splashing in the water. But others hate to get wet. Want to convert a daily routine into a favourite time? Take the opportunity to add music!

The bathroom often has different acoustics than the rest of the home. Smooth parallel tiles reflect sound and create an echo. Try singing nursery rhymes. Pay attention to the room’s acoustics and how they affect the sound of the voice. Explore some more. Have fun singing in a deep bass voice or a high-pitched voice. Imitate different characters (a witch, a mouse, an elephant). Singing helps children’s development. The Sole study in 2017 found that many toddlers repeat and change songs they hear regularly. They do this to soothe and reassure themselves, and even to go to sleep. So when it’s time for your little one to dip a toe in the tub, remember this. Songs are a way to captivate the most playful children… and the most difficult. They’re also a great way to favour learning through play. And they improve the parent-child relationship!

Sole, Sole, M. (2017). Crib song: Insights into functions of toddlers’ private spontaneous singing. Psychology of Music, 45 (2), 172‑192.


You’re curious and you want to help children benefit from the positive aspects of music? Mazaam offers two solutions:

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