Frequently Asked Questions

The application is available on Android and Apple phones and tablets.

In every country where Google Play and App Store are available.

Mazaam supports the following languages :
– English
– French

Open the application and click on the Settings buttons (the gear button in the lower right corner).

You can change the language in the Parent Zone section, under the Progress tab.

You can select the desired language in the upper right corner.

An internet connection is not required to play with the Mazaam app, since all the gameplay elements are included in the app downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The size of the app is approximately 500MB and it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi connection to download the Mazaam app.

The absence of sound is an anomaly that is not related to the Mazaam app, but iOS. To solve this problem, go to this address to view “IPad Sound Problem, No Sound on iPad Games, iPad without Sound on Apps: easy fix – iOS9, iOS 8 & 7”.

This video explains how to verify if all buttons and settings are correct for the sound to be heard. Once these verifications are done, if there is still no sound, follow the instructions provided in the video to proceed to the complete reboot of your device.
You followed the previous instructions and there is still no sound? This is a rare occurence. Some people suggest changing the operating system language settings for the device, by choosing any other language and then going back the desired language.

Mazaam has been designed for children ages 4 to 6, but slightly older kids can also have fun with it.

Mazaam is built on a progress logic. To access Level 2, the player needs to have completed at least one third of the previous level (in this case, Level 1).

The game is based on a “drag and drop” system. Check if your child is dragging the object to the animal instead of clicking on it.

You will have to create a new profile. The game allows you to create a maximum of 4 different profiles. If you have already taken all four profiles and want to start a new game, you will have to delete one of your profiles. To do so, go the the Parent Zone > Progress Tab Then select the profile you want to deleted and click on the X.

To listen to the music available in the Mazaam app, go to the Parent Zone and click on the Music tab. There you’ll find a list of every musical work, from all levels, as well as links to the Spotify and Apple Music streaming platforms, and you will be able to listen to the complete musical works.

The information is also available on Mazaam’s website, under the Music page.


You can download and play with the Mazaam app for free, however you will only have access to one of the five music boxes in the game. Only one payment is required to access and play with the other four music boxes.

By subscribing to the Mazaam Academy on this website, you will have access to:

  • The Mazaam application on 8 distinct devices (iOS, Google Play)
  • The Mazaam application on a computer (PC only)
  • Unlimited access to the entire Mazaam Academy and its educational content*

* This content is only available to subscribers.

Customized offers are also available. Contact us for more information.

We offer discounts for the purchase of several licenses of our application. Contact us at for a customized offer tailored to your needs.

Log in to your Academy account and visit the FAQ page.

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