Turn your Christmas stories into musical learning activities

During the holiday season, is there anything better than spending time together as a family? It’s a time to gather around and share your favourite Christmas stories while waiting for Santa to arrive. This year, why not transform this moment by adding music?

Reading books and telling stories are both excellent ways to boost your kid’s language skills and feed their imagination. Turn this moment into an educational activity by adding music! You can use musical instruments or even household objects to create a soundtrack. Together, you can decide on words or phrases to set to music, then figure out which sounds work best. For example, with a phrase like, “His eyes—how they twinkled!” you could gently tap a xylophone or some glass bottles filled with water. If you can’t find the right object in your house, feel free to use your voice, your hands or your feet.

If you want to give the story an extra special touch, choose a piece of classical music, such as “Le Reel du diable,” in Mazaam, the educational music app for kids. You can play it as an introduction, then give a miniature concert by presenting your story at the supper table! After all, as stated by John S. Hutton, pediatrician at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio, and his colleagues in the Pediatrics journal, parent-child reading and greater home reading exposure can encourage your kid’s language skills and cognitive development.

So get reading and make some music together!

Hutton, J. S., Horowitz-Kraus, T., Mendelsohn, A. L., DeWitt, T., Holland, S. K., & C- Mind Authorship Consortium. (2015). Home reading environment and brain activation in preschool children listening to stories. Pediatrics, 136(3), 466-478.


You’re curious and you want to help children benefit from the positive aspects of music? Mazaam offers two solutions:

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