A song to dress your children warmly in winter

The days are getting shorter and you can hear the North wind blowing far away. Winter temperatures showed up very early this year. The falling thermometer also means an increase in the number of outdoor clothing items your child has to put on. The dressing ritual often happens several times a day before going out the door and taking on the cold. This operation can be complicated for some. Who hasn’t seen a child trying to slip a neck warmer over his cap or fasten his coat with his gloves?

Here’s a tip to make this moment easier. Create an inventory song that will help your children remember the order for putting on their winter clothing.

Music motivates and stimulates memory from the youngest age. So take a well- known tune (e.g. Faniculi Fanicula), change the words and compose your own Parka Aria, tailor-made for your children. Sing the song regularly when they are getting dressed. This will allow them to learn through play. It also gives them a tool they can reuse in your absence, at daycare or a school, by singing it to themselves. The research team of Marieve Corbeil and Isabelle Peretz from the Université de Montréal and Sandra Trehub from the University of Toronto found that children pay more sustained attention if someone speaks to them cheerfully. So put this idea into action. It will favour your children’s commitment and help them bundle up warmly!

Corbeil, M., Trehub, S. E. et Peretz, I. (2013). Speech vs. singing: Infants choose happier sounds. Frontiers in Psychology, 4. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00372


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