The best way to introduce young children to classical music

Mazaam, the musical game that supports the cognitive development of children from 4 to 6 years old.


Would you like to support your child's cognitive development in a playful way?

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Would you like to do playful music-awakening activities with your students?

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More than 140 great classical music works

More than 5 hours of game play


A DUO mode to share with your children

"Mazaam allows the awakening and development of the child's ability to listen to music and leads him to discover the beauty of musical masterpieces recorded by virtuoso musicians."

"There is no synthetic music in Mazaam, only real recordings. It is a complete and beneficial musical experience that introduces children to music. Mazaam is a gift for life."

Angèle Dubeau, O.C., C.Q., O.M., DFA

An educational and scientific method that combines the virtues of classical music with learning.

"Music can have the ability to foster the structure of thought and the acquisition of knowledge while promoting the creativity of the child."

Jonathan Bolduc, Director of Canada Research Chair on music and learning

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